Face Lift and Neck Lift Surgery


FaceLifts and Neck Lifts in Bel Air, MD

Are you interested in facelifts and neck lifts Bel Air, MD? Facelifts entail more than simply tightening the skin, and results can be dramatic. Read further for answers to some your facelift questions.

The effects of time and aging on the face are unavoidable. Skin eventually loses its elasticity; wrinkles and deep lines will develop from years of contracting your facial muscles. Sun damage will also develop, especially if you haven’t protected your skin from UV rays diligently over the years. A facelift cannot stop the aging process, but it can help diminish some of its signs.

What is a facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure where your surgeon manipulates the skin, muscle, and tissue of the face to give it a more pleasing, youthful appearance. There may be many facets to facelifts and neck lifts in Bel Air, MD, depending on the patient’s specific needs. If the brow is drooping, a brow lift may be part of the facelift. The same goes for the neck: if the skin has become saggy, a neck lift may be included.

Dr. Robertson will base the full procedural plan on your individual areas of concern and desired results.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

It depends, and the final answer should come after having consultations with several plastic surgeons. But, if you are in good health, have reasonable expectations, and have concerns about the appearance of your face, then you may likely be a strong candidate for the procedure.

How are facelifts and neck lifts in Bel Air, MD, performed?

Technically called a rhytidectomy, a facelift is performed by making incisions near the hairline; the skin is then pulled and tightened to eliminate sag and wrinkles. Excess fatty deposits and skin may be removed, and the muscle and connective tissues are tightened. Sutures are used to close the incisions, and protective bandaging will be applied.

A neck lift is a set of procedures to enhance the appearance of your neck. Procedures can include:

  • Removing excess skin
  • Removing or altering neck muscles
  • Liposuction to remove excess fat
  • Botox injections to address problems with fullness or “bands”

Depending on the exact procedure used, facelifts and neck lifts in Bel Air, MD can take anywhere from two to four hours, and healing can last anywhere from two to four weeks.

Does Botox® hurt?

This also varies among patients, depending on their thresholds for pain. Other factors will make a difference, such as the injection site, number of units injected, and whether or not your doctor uses a numbing agent. If you have a particularly low threshold for pain, speak with Dr. Robertson about this; however, most people report minimal discomfort from the procedure.

Healing after a facelift

Proper healing after a facelift is essential to achieve the desired results. Patients must be cautious, diligent, and follow their doctor’s recommendations exactly to guarantee successful recovery. Staples and sutures are typically removed about ten days after surgery. During the initial period of healing, expect some slight pain, swelling, and minor bruising. Using cold compresses and pain management medication will alleviate these unpleasant effects.

After facelifts and neck lifts in Bel Air, MD, it’s important to schedule and attend follow-up visits with Dr. Robertson, so he can monitor the healing process. Report any extreme discomfort, and speak to him about any other concerns you have.

Do facelifts create scars?

Because the incisions are typically in or near the hairline, scarring is very minimized and concealed. If you have eyelid surgery, a neck lift or a brow lift, and scarring is a worry of yours, be sure to discuss this prior to surgery. Different incisions will have to be made for each procedure, so the potential for scarring will be unique to each surgery.

Facelifts and neck lifts in Bel Air, MD have been performed for years, and they boast a strong safety record. When you undertake the procedure in Dr. Robertson’s expert care, he takes the time to answer all your questions, and to clarify your expectations to ensure your optimum satisfaction.

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