I am thrilled with Dr. Robertson! Not only with the precision of his surgical procedures, but with his overall confident, professional and friendly manner.

I was referred to Dr. Robertson in 2001 and have been a patient of his ever since. In fact, I have been so amazed and pleased with the results of my cosmetic enhancements that I insisted that my husband and daughter see him for their procedures. He is like family to us.

I was originally referred to Dr. Robertson for liposuction as part of some overall reconstructive surgery that I needed. Since that time, he has performed numerous procedures for me including botox injections, a face lift, facial dermabrasion, a “breast lift,” a “tummy tuck” and more recently – the new “sculptra” facial injections.

For me, the most striking attributes of Dr. Robertson are his compassion for his patients and his expertise. I was amazed at the level of attention and interaction he gives to his patients. He always suggests the least invasive technique or surgical approach to accomplish the results that “you” want. He has actually advised me against certain approaches that I was sure I wanted. Thankfully, I did and still do completely trust his judgment because the path we did pursue is exactly what I was looking for.

As for his expertise, the perfection that he demands of himself is evidenced in so many ways, but what impresses me the most, is that his surgical incisions (when the healing is complete) are no larger than a pencil line and in some cases, are not even discernible.

I totally trust Dr. Robertson’s judgment. In my experience, I find his work to be far superior to a majority of plastic surgeons and I would (and have), without hesitation, recommend his expertise to anyone contemplating plastic surgery.
Kathy Mulvey, 59
Patient since 2001

To sum up my experience with Dr. Robertson in one sentence, it is – I totally trust him. And my trust wasn’t easily attained, particularly after having a bad experience with cosmetic surgery in the past. When I met with Dr. Robertson for my consultation, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to move forward with my procedure and he was the one I would trust to do it. I felt comfortable right away. He talked to me for a long time and he helped me understand everything about the procedure.

Dr. Robertson performed breast augmentation and a tummy tuck for me and I am absolutely pleased. The procedures ran smooth and everything has been great. I will go back to him for all of my needs.

We love him. He is charming, personable and an expert in his field.
Dini Sughroue, 31

I am very pleased with the results of the face lift performed on my wife Janet by Dr. Robertson. He demonstrated confidence in attaining what she wished to improve during our initial consultation. He then achieved terrific results. She looks ten years younger! I would highly recommend Dr. Robertson to anyone wishing to improve their facial appearance.

For more information on Cosmetic Surgery, please don’t hesitate to call the office of Dr. Robertson directly at (410) 836-7205.